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Millennium ODS Schema v1


The Millennium operational data store (ODS) Bundle contains 1217 files that represent the data from the Cerner Millennium domain.

Processing Instructions

Each table is represented with potentially two files: a <table_name>.csv file and a <table_name>_temp.csv file. The <table_name>_temp.csv files contain a hash_value column, and there is a corresponding hash_value column on the <table_name> table to identify that row as needing to be deleted. The <table_name>.csv files contain the rows that should be inserted. An update to a record is represented by a delete of the old record then an insert.

Complete the following steps to process the data:

  1. Delete the rows identified by the keys in the <table_name>_temp.csv file.
  2. Insert the rows into the <table_name>.csv file.


Version Notes
V1 Initial version